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The future
of onsite

The only thing more frustrating than not having the right dimensions is manually gathering them.

You don't have to do that anymore.

Avoid frustration and save time.

Anyone who has designed something that ties in with an existing building knows what a pain it is to find out you missed a dimension while you were out in the field.

*grumbles and gets back into the car to drive back to site*

You know what I mean.


How does it work?

When we arrive onsite for a scan job, if available we will do some preliminary planning using existing drawings of areas that are intended to be scanned or those from our previous scans. We'll layout potential scanning locations and think about places where targets can go.

Let the scanning begin!

Our technician will load the scan data into a processing software and the software can auto-register, or put the individual scans in order using “cloud to cloud” registration. Cloud to cloud means the program looks at the scans and tries to determine matching surfaces (natural targets) or artificial targets to “stitch” the scans together. After the desired level of accuracy is achieved, a point cloud can be exported in multiple formats that can be used by

multiple 3D software.

And now, you get your point cloud!


Start modeling and coordinating your job with transparency and clarity. If you have any issues, we can provide support.

What tools do we bring?

If you're a spec-nerd like me, here are some fun facts about the Trimble X7.

Accuracy - 2mm over 80 meters

Sensors - 3 Co-axial 10 Megapixel Cameras 

Refinement - Automatic Registration with dynamic 3D & 2D viewing for Quality Assurance.

Automated - Self Leveling

Time - Average time per capture is 3 minutes per scan


We are a family-owned and operated business located in downtown Milledgeville, Ga.

The company was founded in 2003 by Larry Campbell, who has a vision of leaving the industry better than when he found it.

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