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Project Management

Both our President and Vice President are licensed general contractors. We have experience managing and buying out projects that is made even more effective by becoming intimately acquainted with the details of a model. We offer project management packages that in some cases put our modeling fee at risk if we aren’t able to save you money on your buyout.

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BIM Coordination

If you need an ally to help you put together a master model from the subcontractors you are working with we can help. We can help you meet the BIM spec you are being saddled with by your owner. We can even enable subs that are otherwise qualified, but need help on the technology front.

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We have a means to model just about anything that can go into a building. Sometimes these elements are carried to a high level of detail to drive construction and sometimes we use a lower level of detail to help coordinate how things are built. If you are wondering if you can get something into 3D, call us. We can probably help.

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Concrete and Reinforcing

Concrete and rebar are necessary in just about anything you build. In our experience this is a trade that can get away from you quick if you aren’t driving the process. By modeling concrete and placing the rebar before hand in a virtual environment we help set a clear expectation of what should be built. Material lists, detailed drawings, and formwork can follow this process as deliverables. 


Structural Steel

Steel detailing is where we started. Since the steel industry was an early adopter of 3d modeling this is where we cut our teeth as a company. We have been detailing steel in Tekla Structures since early 2003.

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Glass and Glazing

Glass and Glazing is an area of the industry that doesn’t get much attention. We have worked hard to develop tools for modeling this facet of a project to a shop drawing level.

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Duct Modeling

We model ductwork to a fabrication ready level. Detailed duct models help define bid scope, ease the burden of overhead coordination, and make it easier to get sheet metal to the site on time.