How it all started

Larry Campbell started Accelerated Building Solutions, Inc. in 2003 after over 20 years in project management. It seemed as though every project he managed was delayed by RFI generated during the shop drawing process and the coordination between the drawings of different trades. He knew there had to be a way to coordinate the trades during the design phase, but it just wasn’t getting done by the designers. Using Tekla Structures (at the time called X-Steel), he began offering steel detailing services to fabricators. 3D modeling made the most sense, and although no one offered modeling in anything but structural steel, the folks at Tekla assured him they would be adding a concrete module that included reinforcing. Tekla kept that promise, and to date ABSI has modeled virtually every type of structural element. There are other modeling platforms out there, but it has never made sense to waste time modeling something that can’t be used in the shop or field.

Our Office

We're located in historic downtown Milledgeville, Georgia. All of our structural modeling is done in-house and our trusted partners are all based in the USA - we do not work with shops based out of the country. We believe in hiring within our local community and training people to be a valuable part of our team so we can best serve you and your projects' needs. 

Our People

We’re not all the same person at ABSI and we don’t look to hire individuals that have the same specialty as we do. We stay curious and innovative by constantly looking for ways to improve our projects. We’re exploring the usefulness of Augmented Reality through our Hololens by viewing our models on it, coding extensions for Tekla to make our jobs go quicker and be more accurate than ever. We’re a diverse team committed to innovating the future of building.

Our Vision

To offer the best built 3D model that you have ever seen. A model that all trades can benefit from having. We want to help you achieve the excellence you strive for on every project.