A couple of years ago I built a shed in my backyard. There was a lot of information I needed in order to actually build it. I needed to order material, coordinate the framing, figure out how to install the door, etc. I needed a means to get that information and I needed some help in how to put it all together. So I modeled the whole thing. I pulled material lists and made drawings of the complex rafter beams. I planned the height of the shed off of the ground and made the ramp slope so I wouldn’t run over my kid with a lawn mower.

All said and done, the project went way better because I planned and prototyped the building on my computer first. Makes perfect sense, right? When we model, we are trying to build a building before we ever order the first piece of material. Better planning = Better building.

Our Office

We're located in historic downtown Milledgeville, Georgia. All of our structural modeling is done in-house and our trusted partners are all based in the USA - we do not work with shops based out of the country. We believe in hiring within our local community and training people to be a valuable part of our team so we can best serve you and your projects' needs. 

Our People

We all have different talents and abilities, it's one of the things we love about our team. We stay curious and innovative, we're constantly looking for ways to improve.